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where did you learn to nihong so well?

It’s pretty much thanks to three factors combined:

1. From anime. No, seriously. I started watching anime like, 6 years ago and after a while it started to stick. It was around that time that I switched over to mostly listening to Japanese music (anime ops/eds, then vocaloid songs later on) and checking out lyrics sometimes, I’m sure that contributed a lot, too. I basically spend half my day listening to stuff in Japanese.

2. My anime-inspired interest in the language and the culture got me to apply for the Japanese major at one of the universities in my city. That’s when I started systematically learning the grammar and such. (A lot of things were like ‘ohhh I’ve heard this structure used often’ and I didn’t have much trouble keeping up with the fast-paced language teaching.) I’m entering my 4th year of university but I’ve basically finished all the classes for my major already. (I only have a few left for my minor instead, plus my graduate thesis to write).

3. It feels kinda weird for me to say this about myself, but I might have a natural aptitude for learning languages that just… makes it easier for stuff to stick in my head.

to me it seemed like more of a "things always go makotos way" thing. he wanted haru to come and haru ended up coming despite not really wanting to. i don't think haru has any reason to be jealous of kisumi right now. because makoto ditched the basketball club to swim with him and like pretty much confessed to him he cant live without him back then. i do find it weird that haru is a real dick to kisumi now. i always got the impression he was kinda ok with him

Ah, that could be it. Though the interesting thing about ‘things always go Makoto’s way’ is that they’re usually things that end up being good for Haru (joining the swimming club, doing the relay, taking in Makkou, etc). Also, Haru has unique logic for doing stuff. Rather than wanting to or not wanting to, he checks his options. If he can’t find a reason to decline (and he usually never does), he does the thing being asked of him. Even if he particularly dislikes the idea (for example, when he shook hands with Sousuke after he brought back his keys).

Oohh, right. Haru even sympathized with Kisumi due to Makoto changing his mind so easily about basketball. It’s kind of like they only based Haru’s reaction to Kisumi on the stuff shown in the flashbacks and ignored what happened later.

Yeah, it’s probably time to call bullshit on the people in charge (I’m not sure who’s in charge of what exactly when it comes to putting together an episode). They mucked things up with the volume 1 flashbacks last season, and they mucked things up with the volume 2-related stuff this season.

Do you think Kissme really made haru jealous for mako in this episode, or was he acting normal but with an edge because he knew kissme was around?

For starters, I talked a little bit about that here already

But ohhhh, you put my thoughts into better words

So yes, rather than jealousy, I’d say that Kisumi put Haru on edge, like he’s always done. Only the ghost of his past jealousy came back when he recalled the middle school stuff? Haru had his guard up around him because of it, but Kisumi didn’t actually do anything to push his feelings into jealousy.

And regardless of Kisumi’s presence, I think Haru would’ve gone to check up on Makoto’s coaching anyways.

"- Of course, Mako-chan likes Haru-chan~- For Haru-chan, there’s Rin. In a true sense, they’re rivals." how is it meant to be interpreted when they said that Haru has Rin? I don't like the way it sounds, especially after they say Makoto likes Haru

In that tweet, there were a few lines in between that were missing, so I’ll try summarizing it the best I can:

The question was about Haru and Makoto’s race in ep 6, and then Zakki asked Akeno what she thought about Makoto in this ep.

She started off by saying stuff like she didn’t really understand why he challenged Haru at first, and that it must be a ‘thing between boys’. That’s when the first quote about them clicking together came, as per her own interpretation.

Zakki asks what she means by that, that’s when she says Mako-chan likes Haru-chan. Then there’s a part I don’t really understand well, but something about gender?

Then she clarifies that Mako-chan likes him as a person. And that there’s Rin. She uses kind of vague phrasing next? She uses Rin and Haru’s name in the sentence but it’s not really clear to me what she means by it. Then comes the quote about them being rivals.

Then comes the last two quotes of Makoto wanting himself to be there, but more precisely she said that he wanted to be there closest to him.

And then she said a little more how boys in their youth might have this side to them, too, but she was still surprised about why they’re doing it now.

Then Zakki tries explaining it from his side, that ‘there are times when boys have to do what they have to do’ and that it was for the sake of settling things once and for all so that Makoto can keep going forward.

Then there’s another part that I don’t really understand (and gender comes up again), but eventually she said she sort of understood once she saw Zakki acting out. In the end they both agree that it’s ‘because they’re boys’ or something like that.

And now I’ll try to explain how I interpreted it as actually hearing the conversation:

I think the point is that Haru and Rin share a bond as well, and that bond is rivalry. So on one side, you have Makoto who likes Haru and they click with each other, but Haru also has a bond of a different nature with Rin, and that Makoto wanted to see what that was like, being rivals with Haru. Like, he wanted to be even closer to Haru by being a rival, too.

Can you translate this twitter(.)com/xmayokox/status/503896210948632576 It's a list of relevant things that happened in IwatobiES radio ep 5!


(The context is that they’re talking about Haru’s and Makoto’s race in episode 6. These are select quotes and not the entirety of that conversation.)

- When you look at Haru-chan and Mako-chan’s relationship like as man and woman, they fit together incredibly well

- Of course, Mako-chan likes Haru-chan~

- For Haru-chan, there’s Rin. In a true sense, they’re rivals.

- Maybe Mako-chan actually wanted himself to be there

- Maybe he wanted to be there as someone close to him

Akeno-san’s remarks in IwaChan

[Notes: In the first comment, she used the term ‘shikkuri kuru’ which can be used to say how a couple ‘clicks’ with each other, or something like that.]

EDIT: I tried summarizing that entire conversation here for more context.

updates on the status of translating:

- I spent the past few days translating one of the interviews for free-scans, so I barely touched the novel this past week

- my long-time friend and wonderful chapter editor lookagreyhound is coming to visit and staying for a week, so I’ll be spending most of the day with her and therefore barely touching the novel this upcoming week

Which means, no new chapter for quite a while. I’ll have another week before the new semester at university starts, so I’ll try to get as much done as I can then, but I probably won’t be able to finish. And when university starts, that’s going to slow me down again, although I won’t have too many classes. Also, I don’t think I’ll be taking requests for a while now.

Thank you in advance for being patient with me!


Makoto finds a shirt drifting through the ocean. It’s too small for him but maybe haru can wear it.


Makoto finds a shirt drifting through the ocean.
It’s too small for him but maybe haru can wear it.


tonight’s 69min theme was marriage… close enough ^q^


tonight’s 69min theme was marriage… close enough ^q^


adorable dork boyfriends 


adorable dork boyfriends